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The Consumer Is Not Your Employee

I just read an open letter to the advertising community from a man in his late 20’s. Basically, he asked the industry to stop making him work so hard to buy their stuff. After all, he’s busy juggling a job and family. He doesn’t need another job. He wants information and an easy way to purchase. Is […]

The Conversation Is All Wrong

People are arguing about new media versus old media, while we should be talking about good advertising and bad advertising. Seriously, it’s like there this great divide of people, who are all in the same boat, yelling at each other, “You don’t get it!” No really, we do. We need you and you need us. […]


Chiat/Day’s UBU campaign for Reebok in the 80’s had a big impact on me. Granted I followed the agency’s every move as a student and ended up interning at the Venice complex while in college, but 20 years later, that creative is still my ‘bully on the playground.’   It taunts me, dares me and […]

Surprise, the bottom line matters!

I started the week much like any other, getting caught up on industry news and who pulled in numbers over the weekend. Then, it started. The barrage of LinkedIn group discussions on some of the most random stuff imaginable. Do moderators moderate anymore?? I ran across one article in particular that nearly broke my ‘bullshit-meter’. I’m not going […]

Movie Theater Etiquette

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that can help the movie theater experience more enjoyable for everyone! 1. Show up on time. It’s kind of a bummer when you go to the trouble of giving yourself enough time to get to the theater, park, grab a snack and get perfectly situated in the theater, […]

Commercial Content Can Thrive Again!

Can someone please explain ‘Ad Blocking’ to me? And by that I mean I understand it completely, I just don’t see it’s usefulness, except maybe to undermine a free market. Ad blocking usage has grown by 41% in the past 12 months. More than half of the $14 billion annual digital display spend alone is […]


Group 11 is the first and only completely virtual (and completely domestic,) creative communications agency that specializes in A/V creative and post production. We are a group of former LA creatives who cover time zones from New York to Los Angeles. Our process is simple. Create something that speaks to your audience that they will […]