Movie Theater Etiquette

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that can help the movie theater experience more enjoyable for everyone!


1. Show up on time. It’s kind of a bummer when you go to the trouble of giving yourself enough time to get to the theater, park, grab a snack and get perfectly situated in the theater, only to have to get all ‘un-situated’ when people come in late. Be a little more considerate.

2. Don’t smack your food. Yes, we know those sour patch worms are deliciously bitter but please, be aware that if you can hear you, we can hear you. And if you’re being louder than motion picture dialogue, music and sound effects, you have issues getting that food down. You might want to see a doctor…or at least take a manners class.


3. Turn off your phone! This probably should have been #1. Look, we know these stories are made up as well, but when your phone rings at an inopportune time, it sort of reminds us of that and that’s kind of lame. Let us have our pathetic 2 hours of escapism. We paid for it. Silence your phone, this should be a no-brainer.

4. Did you have to bring the baby? I’m a parent too. I get it, you want to get out of the house, you want to see other grown ups in the worst way, but honey, leave the kid at home. If you can’t find a sitter, then you probably shouldn’t come to the show. It’s parenting 101.

5. Don’t Text…or check your email, FB, Twitter, SnapChat, Insta, or any other app while the show is playing. It’s really dark in there, really dark. Your tiny little screen is super bright. Even your most covert attempt at checking the score of the game will not go unnoticed. Can you just wait 90 minutes? Please? If not, that’s cool. But do us all a favor and commit to small screen viewing where no one really gives a shit about sharing a room with you.

6. Please stop kicking my chair.   You do understand how this could be lame for the person sitting in front of you, don’t you? Please tell me you do. If you don’t, I’ll tell you; it’s annoying. Super annoying in fact. So annoying that you want to just get up and leave, but the anger keeps you sitting there, stewing over what a complete jerk you must be. I know you don’t want to be a jerk, and you know that as well. This one is basic, just don’t be a dick.

7. Stop talking…to the screen! The movie theater experience is interactive, to a point. It provides you with content that engages your intellect and emotions. It takes you somewhere else. While this is happening, remind yourself, you’re in public, not your living room. If this is you, don’t just identify and say, “Yeah, I do that.Say, “Yeah, I do that and I have to stop doing that. THAT would be so cool of you!

8. Don’t talk to your friends. I know, movies can be exciting, so much so that you feel a need to discuss in real time. You don’t. You have all night to talk about it with you buddy, pal, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, date…It can wait. Besides, if you talk about the movie during the movie, you won’t have anything to talk about after the show!

9. Saving Seats. Your friend, date, brother, mother, is running late. It happens, I think we’ve all been there. But when you try and block out a half dozen seats or more, you’ve probably gone a little too far. Instead of standing up every 2 minutes to tell someone, “They’re saved,” why not wait outside to meet your peeps until there’s a more respectable number of you to hold a few remaining seats. Oh, and when the previews start, you gotta give em’ up.


10. Take your trash with you. I know, they have people who work there and part of their job duties are to clean the place up, but go on, you came in with that wide load tub of popcorn, it’s weighs even less now, throw it out on your way out.

These are the basics. Do you have other suggestions?