The Conversation Is All Wrong

People are arguing about new media versus old media, while we should be talking about good advertising and bad advertising. Seriously, it’s like there this great divide of people, who are all in the same boat, yelling at each other, “You don’t get it!”

No really, we do. We need you and you need us.

Technology needs creative input or else it’s just a blank page, or worse yet, landfill. Creativity needs tools to deliver its messages or else it’s just a pipe dream.  Each craft is only a part of the puzzle, not the puzzle itself.

The most successful advertising I witness today is the result of creative that can be executed across multiple formats and rolled out in a way that each execution supports the last and sets up the next move. The only thing that matters to a Client (or an employer) is whether or not all these efforts are going to move the needle in the right direction.

Technology changes, constantly, and creative thinking needs to be nimble and smart enough to take advantage of those changes or to recognize it as useless.  We need to invest as much in strategy and big picture thinking as we do in technology.  We’d probably be a lot better off getting rid of all these trendy titles like: Front and Back End Experience Designer, Digital CD, Interactive Producer…etc., etc. We should rename ourselves Advertising Creatives. Period.

Either you love creating advertising, in whatever format and for whatever platform that’s requested, or you don’t. Either the craft excites you and challenges you, or it doesn’t. Digital, traditional, new, old… who cares!

I love having the luxury today to be able to dream more freely. As a creative I don’t live in a box anymore. The things I dream up can be used and played and experienced in more ways than ever before. And the really comforting thing is that I know, with certainty, there will always be someone on this planet that will help me execute those dreams…no matter where they take me. That’s awesome. That’s creativity hoping into bed with technology and getting downright nasty. That’s a ‘createch’ love fest. And that’s the world I dig playing in.


To your success!